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Press Release: Award-Winning Math Program

Opens Tribeca and Upper East Locations

Rocket Club Math, the after-school math tutoring center for kids ages 4 to 12, has expanded by opening 2 new retail locations at 23 Warren Street in Tribeca and 1334 3rd Avenue on the Upper East Side. 

After a free one-on-one math assessment, Rocket Club creates a custom curriculum tailored to each member’s goals and interests. Members earn “Rocket Fuel,” which can be cashed in for prizes and “Certifications” that accumulate on their personal resume.

In addition to traditional math tutoring, Rocket Club

teaches members math using real world examples

        - Helping members start a t-shirt business and

          teaching them to account for their revenues,

           expenses, profit, and return on investment
        - Selecting a stock and using math skills to

           track its progress over time


Rocket Club Math is inspiring a love for math in all

kids, from those seeking additional help in the

subject to those looking for a fun way to engage with

the subject outside of school. Parents are amazed by

their kid’s enthusiasm for the program:
      - “My daughter talks about Rocket Club Math all

          week long. She looks forward to class every

      - “My son is a big proponent of Rocket Club Math.

          He talks about it to his friends nonstop and told

          me if I were to take him out of all of his programs,

          the only one he would keep is Rocket Club.”
      -  “The program I wished existed when I was a kid.”
      -  “Rocket Club is the math tutoring program kids

           actually look forward to attending.”
      - “My son is SO excited for Rocket Club Math today.

           He told me he wished it was every day.”

Thank you, we will reach out via text asap!

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Rocket Club Math launches new locations on the Upper East Side and Tribeca

My daughter talks about Rocket Club Math all week long. She looks forward to class every week."

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During the last week of the month, Rocket Club Math Members take a Certification Assessment. If they pass the assessment, they unlock the next level on their personalized resume.

A limited number of memberships are available per age group. Classes have a 3 member to 1 instructor ratio and are hosted once per week for 2 hours. Memberships are month-to-month and cost $650 per month (approximately $80/hour).


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